Meet our Pastoral Team:







Interests and Hobbies: I like going to the gym, 看到我的朋友, 烹饪, learning Talmud and doing sudoku puzzles. As well as working at 世界杯竞猜, I am completing a PhD study in Holocaust education at the UCL Institute of Education.

Favourite Meal: Hard to choose… either Steak and chips or Sushi.

Dislikes: I really dislike when people have a lack of respect and tolerance for others.  I also dislike when my iPhone battery dies on me!!





Interests and hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends, day trips to the seaside and zumba classes.

Favourite meal: Pasta pomerdoro, cheese and tomato toasties and for dessert …….. lots of sweets and chocolates!

Dislikes: Odd socks and the texture of polystyrene.





Interests and Hobbies:  Going to the gym, walking, 看到我的朋友.

Favourite Meal: Friday Night Dinner.

Dislikes: Liars, spiders, moths and ladybirds.




七年级主管 & 科学老师



rgoldstein1 Mr Russell Goldstein

八年级主管 & Business Studies Teacher

Interests and Hobbies: Futsal, 游戏机, shopping and spending time with my Miniature Dachshund Vienna.

Favourite Meal: Starter – bruschetta. Main – Steak (rare) and chips. Dessert – sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream.

Dislikes: dirty shoes, losing Monopoly and when people are not willing to try hard.

YFink 耶胡达先生芬克

九年级主管 & Ivrit老师

Interests and Hobbies: Spurs, FIFA, Cooking, The Office US.

Favourite Meal: Steak, chips and Brussels sprouts.

Dislikes: Arsenal, cauliflower, being clean-shaven.



Harel Leor先生

KS3负责人 & Jewish Studies Teacher

Interests and Hobbies: Football, Baking, DJing and Music Production.

Favourite Meal: Pizza.

Dislikes: Being told I have limits to what I can achieve.


jrhodes 杰斯夫人罗兹

十年级校长 & 美术老师

Interests and Hobbies: I love browsing Pinterest, watching Indiana Jones and shopping
Favourite Meal: Rare steak and a jacket pot.
Dislikes: Custard, Peppa Pig and waking up early!



十一年级校长 & 英语老师

Interests and Hobbies: I enjoy reading a lot, especially historical fiction. I also enjoy running (although I’m not very fast) and if I’m honest I quite like eating things with lots of calories!

Favourite Meal: Steak and Chips please.

Dislikes: I hate bananas and coconut. I really don’t like it when people aren’t kind to each other. Kindness doesn’t cost anything. I also dislike getting up in the morning – but who does?!



Miss Rebecca 新闻tead

KS4负责人 & 体育老师

Interests and Hobbies: Running, travelling and anything Harry Potter.

Favourite Meal: Veggie Schnitzel.

Dislikes: Rudeness, sitting still and marking!



Miss Chloe Greenberg

幸福 Practitioner

Interests and hobbies: Football, gaming, seeing friends and dancing!
Favourite meal: Spaghetti Bolognese
Dislikes: Littering, Marmite and spiders


世界杯竞猜’s broad range of subjects and extra curricular activities helps create the perfect environment for students to flourish.  The teachers are approachable, caring and fun to be around. This helps everyone feel part of the Yavneh family.